Easy to Use

Whether you are good at operating computer or feel uncomfortable using computer, you will find Quick Billing easy to operate. It is designed in such a way that unskilled task force should find it easy to operate so that you need not to hire a professional computer operator. Quick billing also fits well for elderly sales people.

Wide Inventory options

Every business is unique and so is its inventory. Quick billing offers variety of ways to record all kind of properties attached to an item/good/service. Pricing can be defined exclusive as well as inclusive taxes. Quantity pricing can be defined. Discount ranges can be defines. Taxes applicable for various sale types can be defined. Pre-generated Barcodes can be attached; even multiple barcodes can be attached to single item so as to keep similar items under one code.
Additional Charges

Additional Charges

Additional charges like freight charges, courier charges, or any other charges can be created. Additional charge amount can be auto calculated based on sale order amount or can be a fixed value. Taxes can also be defined for additional charges.

With/Without Items

Miscellaneous item additions can also be defined like toppings in case of pizza. Their pricing become part of the main item where there get added.
  • Wide Discounting Options
  • Discounting is an integral part of any business to boost sales and give extra smile on customer;s face. Discounting can be specified based on item, quantity, or can be classified based on customer performance also. As per the pre-set options, discounting gets auto applied. Variety of manual discounting options are also available, like for any specific incident. Discounting can be applied item wise or on whole bill. Discounting can be auto calculated based on target pricing or bill amount.

  • Handles all kind of sale taxes
  • Taxation module is great. All kind of taxes like GST, VAT, Sales-Tax, Service-Tax, Interstate-Tax, Excise-Duty, and Import-Duty can be created and configured as per the local needs. All the taxes get automatically applied/calculated in sale order as per the sale-type, sale-geography, customer-type, and item. Even there is option to include sale-tax into cost part for calculation of subsequent taxes (tax on tax) as applicable in some countries in the case of excise duty.

  • Marketing Options
  • Email and SMS can be sent out of the system. Email/SMS body can be auto drafted so as to have quick communication. Email/SMS body texts can be context sensitive information which get set via parsing of smart tags. SMS can be sent via SMS Gateway or GSM Dongle. There is variety of options for recording contact details. Even bulk marking data can be imported from excel or text files and messages can be published. Customer and Employee birthday and anniversary reminders get published in the form of notifications, so that best wishes can be sent to these important contacts.

Quick to Use

Sale order can be added in a fraction of minute. New Customer can be added and assigned quickly to new orders. Existing customers can be searched based on phone number, ID, and other parameters and can be quickly assigned. Items can be searched and added based on quick search, item id, or barcode-Id. There are multiple ways to accomplish these tasks so that user can opt the path as suitable to his/her operational needs.

Handles Point of Sale

Point of sales like tables, chairs, or counters can be created. Clients can be guided about free or busy POS. Sales can be analyzed based on POS also.
Handles Point of Sale
Handles Coupons

Handles Coupons

Issuing discount coupon is a great way to bring in special customers. Quick billing can help you in generating new coupon codes and recording which has been used and which not.

Report Printing

  • A4
  • A5
  • 82mm
  • 58mm

Great Report Printing Options

Invoices, Sale-Orders, and other reports can be printed on A4, A5, 82mm, and 58mm size papers. Printer options like default printer, and margins can be set. Report footer texts can be configured.

Performance Reports

There is great module for analyzing the business performance based on date ranges, business sections, items, sales, and receipts etc. Data can be exported to excel for further data analysis.

Periodic Invoicing and Accountant Reports

Invoices can be printed in bulk so as to issue set of invoice to customer or for creating duplicate business copy. Accountant reports in ready reference format as desired by accountant can be generated.
Periodic Invoicing and Accountant Reports

Employee Management

A full fledge module is available for employee and their role management so that they have access to only areas as applicable to them. Employee picture, contact details, emergency contact details, qualification/skills details can be added. Employee signatures can also be added so as to auto sign the reports.

Holidays Calendar

Holidays can be recorded year wise and user gets notified about the upcoming holidays. For religious or other special holidays, wishes in the form of SMS/Email can be sent to customers and employees.

Record Searching

There is variety of options available for quick searching of desired records. Search can be generic which search all the fields or search can be applied on specific field or collectively on set of fields chosen.


Different kind of Barcodes for inventory can be designed and printed. There are varieties of design options available. Barcodes can be printed on roles as well as A4-Paper. Items to sale order can be added through barcode scanning.

Book Keeping

A complete and thorough module is available for book keeping. Journal Entries can be passed, and posted to ledgers. Transaction wise ledger view is available. Data is viewable as per chosen financial year. Final Accounts i.e. Trial Balance, Trading Account, Profit & Loss Account, and Balance Sheet are available. Auto calculation of depreciation on fixed assets is also available.

Color Coding

Sales order status can be linked to color coding so that sales order screen can provide quick information like deficit balances received, advances received, orders cancelled, orders pending/completed.
Variety of Settings available

Variety of Settings available

There is variety of settings available to run/configure software as per business needs. Settings can be done at business wide level, or can be set differently for each workstation.

Master Data

There are master forms for recording all kind of master data so that business can add/edit master data as per its need or choice.
Master Data


  • 3250 INR

  • Fully funtional one year subscription with unlimited updates at just 3250 INR.
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  • 3250 INR

  • Fully funtional one year subscription with unlimited updates at just 3250 INR.
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